Meg. I am amazed by nature and the stories that hide beneath the clouds. I fall in love with people's stories and end up connecting myself with them somehow. I explore what the world has to offer in the best and most enjoyable way I can. I fall at times and can't distinguish my pain from my petty problems but nevertheless, I'm still okay and in a good shape to fight for what I love to do. Being a freelancer has always been a dream but now I'm glad to say that I'm starting to reach that dream and I couldn't be happier to know that people walk hand in hand with me as I grab the clouds I once fell in love with. There are  viewer/s

Send on questions and I’d be glad to answer them! I’ve really been busy about stuff lately and I’m so excited to let you guys know about it :DDD

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Sweetheart, hire models. :--)
by Anonymous

i don’t know if this is an insult or not but anyway, i don’t earn my own money yet and i don’t really think hiring or photographing models is going to be on my list since i really am an awkward person. hehehey

It’s hard to explain passion to people who lack it or to those who need it. And I admire those who can stand up for themselves and make the world known to the beauty they were born in or expound the art they have been introduced to by the world that understood them or the world they made themselves. It’s a process, I know and sometimes I can’t afford that kind of process. You have to mold yourself and hone yourself and people tell you that you can do it and you must be brave! You must stand up for yourself, you should know how important your words are, how capable you are and how strong your voice is. Well guess what? Don’t you think I know that? And what if I told you I am trying? At least I am, right? It’s hard, I know and as people say, it is a process. A process I cannot afford but a process I’ll work hard to attain. If I pay it by losing my self esteem yet knowing that after the race, I’d get it back in a much more valuable price, then I will give it up now. If I lose my mind by doing so, let it be if that means having the right wisdom when I need it most. But know this, if you ask of me the passion that I was born with, I will never give it up. Not when people sugarcoat their motives to bring me down or talk to me and tell me I was wasting my life for something I shouldn’t sign up for. Well guess what? I’m trying to live this life, my life, at least I am and I love what I do, I love seeing beauty in sunsets and I love making people see happiness when their life is full of shit like mine, I love pulling the curves of the reds and the blues of black and white pictures, I love setting fire to the soul of the dull canvas, I love connecting with people through the pictures that I take, I love being able to speak through thousands of small little things called pixels, I love being able to get through this process by simply doing what I love despite the people who don’t understand it, I love knowing that I can heal people in ways I can’t explain fully, I love letting people know they’re not alone, I love…I love doing this. And I will never give up.