Meg. I take and create pictures because looking at the world seems easier that way.
I also make stuff that are made up of words I find when I am with people and when I am alone.
I hope my photos and my words find their way to your hearts.

Reminders to self: You need to make art for art’s sake and not only because you have to make art because it’s work. Art can never be trapped inside a cubicle or a desktop, it has to be set free.

Hi, Meg! I am really inspired about your art and photography. I'm aspiring to be one great photographer like you but I really don't know where to start? I take pictures and all but I don't improve and that has been going on for months. I'm seeing a lot of photographers with great skills and awesome cameras and yeah. So I needed advice on how to get better and be the photographer I want myself to be and you were the first person I thought of. Any tips on photography and improving it? :) Thanks!
by Anonymous

Wow thank you so much! I actually don’t know where I started with my photography, it just came to a point where I would take photos (horribly lots of them) and days, months which eventually turned out to years passed and I finally questioned my shots. Why am I really here and why am I doing this? Trust me, the process is awfully long and you would one day question the purpose of what you’re doing and you’re somehow going to be clueless. Sometimes it would even come to a point where you’d feel like giving up because it seems as if you have no chance in trying to get your ideas to spread like the others. But hey, that tiring process? That’s the thing that’s gonna give your shots a story. And it’s never worth it to think of giving up, although it’s going to make you realize just how strong you are, don’t ever stick to downgrading yourself. Also, read a lot of books or posts on the net! Andddd please introduce yourself so we can have a lengthier talk! :D Thank you for opening this up, I hope you find your way through the vast world of photography. ♥

I remember you told me to “create distance” a thousand times. I never would have thought creating distance from you would be a thousand times harder.

- From the person who knew everything about my scars and my good times