Meg. I take and create pictures because looking at the world seems easier that way.
I also make stuff that are made up of words I find when I am with people and when I am alone.
I hope my photos and my words find their way to your hearts.

A girl’s expectations of what a boy thinks:

"By the look of your face, I know you’re not okay, I know something’s bothering you, something’s tearing you up. You may not want to talk about it and no matter how much you say ‘i’m fine’ I know you’re not. You clearly aren’t. You know I’m here for you, I’m ready to give up my life for you, to make you mine. Whenever I read your written thoughts, I bother. They’re sad and lonely even though they made up of quite happy thoughts, I know you’re not entirely okay. Come tell me."

A boy’s reality of being with the girl:

"I saw you today, you were fine. Beautiful. Smiling and sparkling. I’ve noticed few speckles on your face. You weren’t entirely happy but still, I saw you smile somehow and that’s fine with me. You said sorry and so did I, I wondered why so I asked if you were okay. You smiled again, I felt assurance. You were okay. Fine as ever. Your written thoughts were kind of jumbled up so I just said things that I think will cheer you up enough"

A girl’s realizations of what a boy thinks:

"By the look of your face, I think you don’t care, I never saw comfort, real comfort. Real love. Real everything. They were cares of a friend, of a fine man. I’m confused, so terribly confused. Deep inside, I’m torn, I’m bothered, I’m not okay. I smiled though many times of the day, I just didn’t feel fine, never. I know you’re doing something else. I think those were more important than me. I wanted to say ‘bye’ like forever every time because I felt so unimportant, so stupidly useless to you. No matter how much I write up and express, I know you’re just going to say ‘ah’ and be done with it."