Meg. I take and create pictures because looking at the world seems easier that way.
I also make stuff that are made up of words I find when I am with people and when I am alone.
I hope my photos and my words find their way to your hearts.

Macro Photography: Without a Macro Lens

1. Materials: Kit lens attached to your DSLR body and 50mm lens.

2. Attach your kit lens and 50mm by holding them together (make sure your 50mm’s aperture is set to it’s biggest for a bigger view and your kit lens to it’s farthest focal point to avoid capturing your 50mm’s sides). Focus to your subject after attaching, your kit lens is better if your focus is set on auto.

3. In camera—finished product.

4. For other results, see pictures: one, two, three, four and five. Use your creativity! Good luck and have fun. (more tutorials)