Meg. I am amazed by nature and the stories that hide beneath the clouds. I fall in love with people's stories and end up connecting myself with them somehow. I explore what the world has to offer in the best and most enjoyable way I can. I fall at times and can't distinguish my pain from my petty problems but nevertheless, I'm still okay and in a good shape to fight for what I love to do. Being a freelancer has always been a dream but now I'm glad to say that I'm starting to reach that dream and I couldn't be happier to know that people walk hand in hand with me as I grab the clouds I once fell in love with. There are  viewer/s


*Under the cut: Contains epic and awesome gifts and greetings from very awesome people*

My sister has these crazy ways on how to boom up a surprise and she really made me happy that day. She started off by greeting me one o’clock in the morning which wasn’t really helpful because I was asleep then but anyways! I read her text (because she’s in the dorm and she can’t even come because of the school works) saying I should get the gift from dad and of course dad pretended he didn’t know and almost made a fool out of myself when I pulled out the chair when I was about to eat and saw the shirt and the almost envelop lying on the seat. Trust me, that totally came unexpected. She even told me to open the letter only when I’m at school, which I did.

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