Meg. I am amazed by nature and the stories that hide beneath the clouds. I fall in love with people's stories and end up connecting myself with them somehow. I explore what the world has to offer in the best and most enjoyable way I can. I fall at times and can't distinguish my pain from my petty problems but nevertheless, I'm still okay and in a good shape to fight for what I love to do. Being a freelancer has always been a dream but now I'm glad to say that I'm starting to reach that dream and I couldn't be happier to know that people walk hand in hand with me as I grab the clouds I once fell in love with. There are  viewer/s

Photo post-processing Tip #1

All tips are only applicable via Adobe PS

For JPEG pictures

  1. press Alt+I+A+W
  2. check “Show More Options”
  3. Adjust the color correction and midtone contrast
  4. click OK.

For RAW/NEF pictures

  1. Double click the picture, it should directly open up Adobe
  2. Adjust the Clarity
  3. Click DONE

[?] What is this tip for?

  • this is for a paint/unrealistic type of post processing.
  • this is helpful especially when your subjects are poor environments or street children.
  • emotions such as pain and hurt is well expressed using this style.